Measuring Research Impacts

Project Name: Public Perceptions of Scientific Research Impacts

Key Findings: The public sees great value in scientific research and would like to learn more about discoveries from experts. However, current levels of scientists’ engagement with the public are low.

Method: We conducted a phone survey of 514 members of the public in Florida.

Applications: Higher levels of engagement with the public can increase trust and buy-in for funding scientific research.


Project Name: Translating Research Impacts from Ivory Tower to the Public

Key Findings: Many universities do not provide communication training or reward faculty members for engaging with the public. Communication training should be a part of graduate training. Faculty reward systems should be revised to encourage public engagement.

Method: We conducted interviews with 10 faculty members who actively engage with the public to develop metrics for recognizing and rewarding research impacts.

Applications: Disseminating research findings increases the public’s knowledge of science.